Saturday, January 6

My Broken Ankle

It was six weeks to the day after my wife lauren and I got married. I was playing basketball after work at the gym...

Long story short, I was chasing down a guy from behind when I blocked his shot off of the backboard and I came down on the center-block wall behind the rim. I could not only feel the bones break but hear them. I was lying there on my back when the guys were yelling for me to walk it off. I was yelling back, call the ambulance! With every bounce of the ball on the floor, I could feel it deep inside the broken bones.

The funny thing is, there was a release that night at the ZIPR that I missed, but they were all waiting around for me.

On the way to the hospital I outright refused the Morphine, however once there, lying in a gurney in the Emergency Room I soon changed my tune. After a lot of crying and quite a bit of screaming, I nurse finally yelled out, get this kid (I was 29) some Morphine. Ahhh, that is when the love affair started. There is a reason those drugs require a subscription!

So I called my wife to let her know what was going on and told her not to worry, I'd be home that night. I was with my friend and neighbor. Anyway, I didn't get operated on that night, nor the next day, nor the next day. Turns out I had broken all of the bones that make up the ankle. Those being the Tibia, Fibula, and Talus. I needed a special doctor. You see the bones weren't just broken but rather shattered, in lots and lots of pieces. So he was supposed to operate on me day 3 but some little girl fell off the Jungle Gym and broke both her arms and legs so I had to wait yet another day.

Once I woke up after the operation, I noticed the fixatur on my leg. All I could do was hit the Morphine button and cry. Was I ever going to be able to walk again? I was shocked and full of self pity. A fixatur is this Titanium horse shoe that was around my ankle, with 3 pins going through my ankle and two rods going up my legs screwed into my shin. It was quite a site and not for the faint of heart. That wasn't the only hardware they put in me though. Turns out I had a 7 inch plate along the side of my ankle, or what was left of it. I also had 7 one inch bone screws and 4 two inch bone screws to accompany the 3 six inch rods through the ankle.

The next day I tried lowering my leg below the level of my heart and the pain can only be described as a million sharp needles pricking you at the same time and over and over again. I ended up leaving the hospital in a rented ambulance since I couldn't lower my leg.

The next two months were just awful and there is no way to describe it really without it being a bore. Luckily my friends came over and moved around all of my computers so I had a nice setup in the bedroom. I had a LCD monitor with a wireless keyboard and mouse. Then there was the Direct TV, the PS2, and the DVDs. Of course I was still in a tremendous amount of pain and bored out of my gourd. My wife wasn't much for keeping me entertained since she was working and taking care of me, a difficult task! It was a very hard time on her as well.

I went back to work ASAP, I think this was about 5 weeks. My ankle was quickly given the nickname "Frankle" and we all laughed. We also laughed at the screams of pain that would overwhelm me from time to time. Ah good times....

In the ninth week, they took off the fixatur a put a cast on. I finally got a good night sleep. I sleep on my stomach and had been forced to half sleep on my back with my leg up. That was a great night sleep. Nothing beats being sleepy from you anesthesia and then having a cast. The fixatur was not comfortable to say the least.

Things got better from there. While I have no cartilage in my ankle and have constant pain, it is manageable and doesn't keep me from doing anything, well anything that doesn't require running.

On the fifteenth month, my doctor told me the bones were hard and he could remove the hardware if I wanted. I definitely wanted that crap out of my body. I felt wonderful after all of the metal was out. It always felt like I had these itchy bugs just under my skin that I could feel. I keep all of the hardware on my desk in the office as a reminder.

There is actually a moral to my story, you see 3 days before I played my last game of basketball, my wife told me to quit playing, I was going to get hurt! You could say the moral of the story is to listen to your wife!

These days I mitigate the pain with Schiff Move Free Advanced